300W High Frequency Electrosurgery Unit

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300W High Frequency Electrosurgery Unit

Medical Solutions presents high frequency electrocautery.

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300W High Frequency Electrosurgery Unit


  • Environmental temperature range: 5 C ~ 40 C
  • Relative humidity range: <80
  • Atmospheric pressure range: 86.0-106.0 kpa
  • Working frequency: 360-460 kHz
  • Nominal equipment power: 880 VA + 10%
  • Equipment type: CF
  • The power consumption of the whole machine is less than 1000VA


  • Unipolar and bipolar automatic conversion function
  • Independent endoscope output port and a smart conversion key
  • After initiation, autoregulation enters endoscopic mode
  • Memory function of restarting output register at boot
  • High definition large digital screen
  • It has the function of automatic on/off monitoring and automatic detection at work and
    error messages
  • It can work underwater, cooperate with argon system, endoscopy, hysteroscopy, etc.
  • With the contact quality detection system of the electrode plate of the patient circuit, real-time detection of the contact between electrode circuit and the patient's skin, once the contact area is reduced, the resistance increases to a unsafe level, the machine automatically stops output and alarms.


  • Cut: Maximum output power: 300W (load 500)
  • Mixed cutting 1: Maximum output power: 200W (load 500
  • Mixed cut 2: Maximum output power: 150W (load 800)
  • Coag1: Maximum output power: 120W (load 800)
  • Coag 2: Maximum output power: 80W (Load 500)
  • Coag 1: Maximum output power: 50W (load 200)
  • Bipolar Coag 2: Maximum output power: 50W (load 200).


  • Cutting: pure cutting, the effect is fine cutting, fresh tissue surface without scab
  • Mixed cut 1: the effect is coagulation in the cut; Can be used under endoscope
  • Mixed cutting 2: The effect is to provide good coagulation effect during cutting, which can be used with argon
  • Coag1: It can be called strong electrocoagulation. It has a relatively deep coagulation layer in the tissues and a relatively small scope of action. Can be used with endoscopes.
  • Coag 2: It can be called jet electrocoagulation, which can provide effective non-contact coagulation and can be used with argon system.
  • Bipolar Coag 1: It can be called rapid bipolar electrocoagulation. It can achieve the effect of coagulation at the time of start-up and reduce the rate of malfunction during operation.
  • Bipolar Coag 2: It can be called fine bipolar electrocoagulation. It can quickly achieve the coagulation effect at the start time, automatically cut off the energy transfusion during tissue coagulation, achieve excellent coagulation effect, and effectively prevent tissue adhesion.

Usage: The unit is designed to be used in a variety of medical contexts, including general operations, endoscopic procedures, and more. Its flexibility makes it ideal for hospitals and clinics looking for versatile and reliable equipment to support multiple surgical specialties.


  • Greater precision in cuts and coagulations, minimizing damage to adjacent tissues.
  • Automatic functionalities for safe and effective operation.
  • Reduction in the risk of post-operative infections thanks to clean incisions and efficient coagulations.

Country of Origin: China


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