1800W model B150+ electrosurgery unit

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1800W model B150+ electrosurgery unit

The 1800W Deltronix B150+ Electrosurgery Unit provides exceptional surgical performance with enhanced safety and a variety of operating modes to meet all surgical needs.

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1800W model B150+ electrosurgery unit

Product description:

The Deltronix B1800+ Electrosurgery Unit is a high-efficiency electrosurgery system designed to deliver precision and safety in a wide range of surgical procedures. Equipped with advanced technology and robust construction, it is ideal for hospitals and clinics.


• Isolated output configuration to minimize the risk of electric shock.
• Robust construction with aluminum box and high-resistance apoxy-based electrostatic paint.
• Display with 6 7-segment displays for easy reading of the parameters.
• Ventilation by natural convection, avoiding overheating of the equipment.
• Four monopolar cutting functions with two crest factors (HI and LOW) and pulsating modes.
• Various monopolar coagulation modes, including desiccate, spray (fulgurate) and pulsatile modes.
• Patient resistance monitoring system (MPRGraph®) with automatic plate type identification (single, double).
• Activation by manual control and/or pedal, with the option of remote power adjustment.
• RELOAD function that recovers the most recently used settings.


• Brand: Deltronix
• Model: B1800+
• Power: 150 W


  • This unit is designed for use in hospitals and clinics where electrosurgical procedures are required.


• Provides precision and control during surgical procedures.
• Eliminates the risk of electric shock or equipment damage from dripping liquids.
• Offers a wide range of functions and modes to suit different surgical needs.

Origin: Brazil 


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