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Electrosurgical Units: Powerful Tools for Modern Surgery

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In the world of medicine and surgery, technology has played a crucial role in the advancement and improvement of surgical procedures. One of the most important tools in the operating room is the electrosurgical unit. These innovative devices have revolutionized the way surgeries are performed, allowing surgeons to work with greater precision and control. In this blog, we will explore in depth electrosurgical units, their operation, applications and benefits for modern medicine.
Electrosurgical units: » ProSalud

What is an electrosurgical unit?

Electrosurgical units are medical devices used in the operating room to perform cutting, coagulation and desiccation of tissues using electrical energy. These units consist of a power generator, an electrosurgical pen and different accessories that allow a variety of functions to be performed.

Operating principles:

Electrosurgical units use two main modes of operation: cutting and coagulation. In cutting mode, the electrical energy provided cuts the tissue using a high-frequency thermal effect. In coagulation mode, energy is delivered at low frequency, which generates heat and allows blood vessels to coagulate to control bleeding.

Applications of electrosurgical units:

Electrosurgical units are used in a wide range of surgical specialties, including general surgery, gynecology, urology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery and more. Some of the common applications include tumor removal, laparoscopic surgery, cataract surgery, skin surgery, and ablation procedures.

Advantages and benefits:

Electrosurgical units offer several benefits to surgeons and patients.

Some of the key benefits include:

Termination and control:

Surgeons can precisely control the amount of energy delivered, allowing for more precise dissection and reduced damage to surrounding tissues.


Electrosurgical units coagulate blood vessels as they cut, significantly reducing intraoperative bleeding and speeding healing time.


The ability to perform cutting and coagulation in a single device saves time and simplifies the surgical process.

Less blood loss:

By effectively controlling bleeding, electrosurgical units minimize blood loss during surgery, reducing the need for transfusions.

Security Considerations:

Although electrosurgical units are safe and effective tools, it is essential to follow safety practices to minimize the associated risks. This includes proper grounding of equipment, use of appropriate accessories, ensuring equipment is in good working order, and appropriate training for healthcare professionals.

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In summary, electrosurgical units represent a cornerstone in modern surgery, providing surgeons with powerful and versatile tools to carry out procedures with greater precision, efficiency and safety. These devices have revolutionized surgical practice by allowing precise cuts and effective coagulation of blood vessels, reducing surgical time, minimizing blood loss, and accelerating the healing process.

The ability of electrosurgical units to operate in different modes, such as cutting and coagulation, has expanded their field of application in various surgical specialties. From laparoscopic procedures to ophthalmic, gynecological and reconstructive surgery, these tools have become indispensable companions for surgeons around the world.

In addition to their advantages in terms of precision and control, electrosurgical units have also improved safety in the operating room. With the ability to control bleeding and minimize damage to surrounding tissues, these devices have reduced the need for blood transfusions and accelerated patients' postoperative recovery.

As technology advances, electrosurgical units continue to evolve to provide even more benefits. The addition of additional features, such as real-time monitoring systems and integration with medical imaging, has taken precision and decision-making in the operating room to the next level. Additionally, advances in the safety and ergonomics of these devices have improved the experience for both the surgeon and the patient.

However, it is important to highlight that the proper use of electrosurgical units requires adequate training and education by healthcare professionals. Knowledge of the operating principles, different modalities and safety considerations is essential to ensure proper use and minimize associated risks.

Ultimately, electrosurgical units have proven to be an integral piece in the arsenal of surgical tools. They have improved the quality of surgical procedures, allowing for greater precision, efficiency and safety. As we move into the future, we can expect these technologies to continue to evolve, giving surgeons more capabilities and further improving outcomes for patients.

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