Phillips Respironics V60 Ventilator

Phillips Respironics V60 Ventilator

The Phillips Respironics V60 Ventilator, from the USA, is an advanced solution in medical care. Adaptability, precise monitoring and multiple ventilation modes, designed for patients from pediatric to adult. Ideal for professionals seeking to offer high quality care.

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Phillips Respironics V60 Ventilator

Improving the quality of life of patients and providing the best possible care has always been the goal of every health professional. With the Phillips Respironics V60 Ventilator, you not only achieve that goal, but you take it to a higher level. This device, from the USA, is a vital piece to offer high-quality medical care, specially designed for patients from pediatric to adult.

General description:

The Phillips Respironics V60 Ventilator is an advanced and versatile solution that offers not only the possibility of non-invasive ventilation but also the ability to adapt to the patient's changing needs. Its design and technology allow a seamless transition between the different ventilation modes, providing quality and continuous care.

Product characteristics:

  • Intuitive interface: With high-resolution graphics, interpretation of waveforms is easier and faster.
  • Mobility and Comfort: Its 6-hour internal battery allows for hassle-free intra-hospital transport. Additionally, the standby mode facilitates patient-doctor interaction without unwanted interruptions.
  • Connectivity and Updates: Data communication capabilities support excellent hospital connectivity. The Respi-Link tool enables efficient system diagnostics and updates over the Internet.
  • Various Modes: From CPAP with C-Flex to Pressure Control Ventilation (PCV), this ventilator offers multiple modes tailored to the patient's specific needs.
  • Flexibility: It is suitable for a wide range of clinical severities, from pediatric to adult patients.


(This section lists all the technical specifications of the product, from operating modes, configuration to monitored parameters.)


Designed for use in hospitals and specialized clinics, the Phillips Respironics V60 Ventilator is the perfect solution for professionals looking to provide exceptional care to their patients. Ideal for patients requiring non-invasive ventilation and constant monitoring.


  • Constant and accurate monitoring of the patient's vital parameters.
  • Versatility in ventilation modes to adapt to changing needs.
  • Advanced connectivity for efficient management and diagnosis.
  • Ergonomic design and internal battery for easy transport and mobility.

Country of origin: USA

Sizes: 33.7cm tall; 39.4 cm weight; 42,9" deep

Additional Information

Dimensions40x43x34 cm


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