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3 keys to prioritizing mental health in companies

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Burnout is one of the biggest concerns in the corporate world. However, many leaders and entrepreneurs mistakenly think that giving importance to the mental health of employees and collaborators could be an obstacle to achieving business objectives.

This false belief is based on the paradigm of thinking that taking care of psychological well-being implies lowering performance, since people would stop working hard, that what is truly important is achieving the goals set and that; In any case, if people decide to leave the company it is because they did not adapt to the organizational culture.

Having these types of perspectives will only exhaust an entire workforce. It is selfish and far from helping, what it will do is delay the goals set because an employee exhausted by stress will never be able to perform well. 

Mental health in companies
  • Measure results and review the time invested to achieve them

We must understand that working more hours does not mean doing better, or being more productive. Whoever works more is not exactly a better employee, but rather someone who does not know how to manage his time.

Having this short vision of performance at work will only make you become the mouse that runs on the wheel: no matter how hard you try, you will not advance.

  • Let employees manage their time and ways of working

We are all different, with various responsibilities outside our work environment. Maybe what works for me, doesn't work for you. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is to be flexible and understanding of each person's individual scenarios.

I insist: more than the time invested and the ways of working of each person, what we must observe is the final achievement of objectives. That's what really counts.

  • Cultivate corporate happiness

Organizations must promote team dynamics that promote the well-being of people, and that are based on a culture of collective understanding and flexibility. 

Mental health must be more than a challenge that concerns human resources departments, since it must become the main lever of the company's corporate objectives and business practices.

Let us be aware of the great problem that work stress represents, causing millions of dollars in losses for companies. Assuming our responsibility for the common well-being is the key to a more empathetic world.

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