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Agency used influencers to discredit Pfizer vaccine

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A group of influencers reported having been contacted by a “mysterious communication agency” that offered them money in exchange for publishing content on YouTube to discredit the vaccine anti-COVID-19 Pfizer.

According to the site Numeramainfluencers They received an email called “An information campaign,” which made it clear that the goal was “to talk about the vaccines being offered to Europeans, in particular AstraZeneca and Pfizer.”

However, once people agreed to participate, it was explained to them that the campaign sought to denigrate Pfizer's work, particularly its development with messenger RNA technology.

On Monday, the youtuber and scientific communicator Léo Grasset acknowledged on Twitter that he had been contacted by a “strange” communications company that offered him a generous payment to “destroy the Pfizer vaccine on video,” on behalf of a client who always wanted to remain anonymous.

Supposedly, the contacted influencers were supposed to act and give their point of view about the vaccine in videos that seemed to provide advice on this topic.

This whole accusation has caused such a stir that French authorities have had to come forward and give explanations.

“I don't know where it comes from, I don't know if it comes from France or from abroad. It's terrible, it's dangerous, it's irresponsible and it doesn't work,” commented French Health Minister Olivier Véran.

According to an investigation by Franceinfo radio, the enigmatic agency could come from Russia.

“In an exchange of emails that Franceinfo has been able to consult, the communication agency asks another influencer to affirm that the media is hiding information from the public and that the European Union has favored the Pfizer vaccine,” the media notes.

“These messages are signed by the Fazze agency, which is domiciled in the United Kingdom but is not registered in the country. Its address in London is false and its few employees, Russian or Russian-educated, have been deleting their social media accounts since the news broke.”

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