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Apple adds a function to share health data with doctors or family members

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This is one of the new features announced within the framework of the annual WWDC developers conference.

Apple announced, as part of the opening of its annual developer event WWDC, the new privacy and health functions that will come to your ecosystem, among which the option to share data from your Health app with medical centers or family stands out.

To prevent the risk of falls, Salud will take mobility data from the mobile phone while the user walks, such as distance and cadence of steps, thereby detecting if the user is not walking stably, in which case it will send an alert.

The application will also add detailed descriptions to help the user understand medical test results. Another novelty is the new Trends function, which focuses on heart rate and sleep, but also shows whether the user is improving their number of steps.

Apple included the ability for users to share medical data obtained by devices like the Apple Watch, so they can send it to their doctors. The company stressed that this data is encrypted.

For its part, Health Data Sharing is another new function, with which users can share health data such as mobility changes or their heart rate with close contacts such as family, so that they can monitor their status.

Regarding WatchOS, it should be noted that the Breathe application has been optimized and includes a new option to encourage conscious breathing. In turn, there is a new Mindfulness app and the user's respiratory rate will be tracked.

The company provided its systems with new privacy functions. To give users even more control over how their data is used, expanding on the functions of iOS 14.5, Apple added privacy functions for email, which prevent the sender of an email from knowing if the user has opened it and data. as your IP.

» ProSalud

Another novelty is the new application privacy report, which includes applications that access sensitive permissions such as photos, location or camera.

The digital assistant Siri, used monthly by 600 million users, improves your privacy using a neural engine that allows speech recognition directly from the device, No internet connection. That is, the data does not leave the device.

While Apple's cloud storage service, iCloud, also incorporated a new system to recover the account if the user forgets their Apple ID password, as well as a way to manage the accounts of deceased users.

Apple brought together all these features and announced a new version of the cloud, iCloud+, with which it enhanced its privacy functions so that not even Apple can know the sites the user visits and their email, as well as the possibility of connecting up to four cameras of security. iCloud+ is available to users subscribed to the existing service, at no additional cost.

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