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Tests to detect Covid-19 increase, even minors attend: Salud CDMX

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La Secretary of Health of the Mexico City, Oliva López Arellano, reported that in recent weeks there has been increased the number of people who come to undergo a test to detect Covid-19 in the kiosks that the City installed, the number of minors who undergo this test has even grown.

He highlighted that currently 12 tests are carried out per day and due to the high demand, which generates long lines, it is being analyzed whether they will increase next week, since they have the capacity to perform up to 500.

López Arellano indicated that, of the 12 daily tests, between 500 and 5 positive cases of children with Covid have been detected, although he highlighted that they are a minimum percentage compared to the total and said that it is not a new phenomenon, however. that there were infected children, however, now they are going more to the kiosks.

“For example, from the report of the kiosks Of the set of tests (12) there are around 500 to 5 children who test positive, so it is a minimal fraction of the volume (...) now there is more concern because (Covid-7) is spreading to younger ages, especially the identification of positives and infections, that is why there is more concern,” he explained.

He commented that there are also four cases of minors hospitalized for Covid-19, although this is more related to comorbidities, specifically, morbid obesity.

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The local official also pointed out that this increase in tests in the capital has been in people between 18 and 39 years old, who have been asked for proof, mainly in their jobs, and highlighted that the greatest number of cases have been identified in the Gustavo A. Madero, Iztapalapa and Álvaro Obregón mayors.


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