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China returns to confinement due to threat of fifth wave of Covid

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Alerts are going on in several cities in China, which have shown an increase in the number of infections due to a new wave of Covid-19.

China is once again on alert. Although more than two years have passed since this nation was the epicenter of the health emergency due to Covid, a virus that has spread throughout the world and has claimed more than six million fatalities, Today the Shanghai authorities ask their inhabitants to return to confinement, given the increasing number of infections that have been reported in recent hours.

Derived from more than 400 positive cases registered in recent days, the authorities of the Chinese city of Shanghai ask its inhabitants not to leave the city "if it is not strictly necessary", and that, if they do, present negative results in covid tests carried out within 48 hours prior to departure.

Given this call, the city's long-distance bus station also suspended operations, and The closure of schools and “selective quarantines” in voluntary isolation centers are already being analyzed, which already affect daily activities in several neighborhoods and universities.

China is facing a new wave of cases linked to the contagious omicron variant of the coronavirus: in the latest count published today, On Saturday, 1.938 new positive cases and another 1.455 asymptomatic cases were detected.. The total number of active infected people in mainland China amounts to 5.461.

The majority of cases in this latest wave have been recorded in the province of Jilin, in the northeast of the country, with 1.412 positive cases recorded today. Its provincial capital, Changchun, of nine million residents, is completely confined. For their part, authorities in this province argued “imperfections” in the response mechanism to covid to explain the drastic increase in infections.

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