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Scientist warns about possible arrival of COVID-26

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Peter Hotez, a renowned American doctor and scientist, has sent the world what appears to be a warning: it is necessary to investigate the origins of COVID-19, at the risk that in a few years the pandemic will repeat itself and COVID-26 and COVID will appear. -32.

Speaking to NBC television, Hotez indicated that there could be new pandemics unless “we fully understand the origins of COVID-19.” And in his opinion, the latter is something absolutely critical.

Hotez also believes that the United States should launch an on-site investigation, sending a multidisciplinary team of scientists, biologists and even bat specialists to meet in Wuhan for at least six months, until we get to the bottom of the matter.

But the above could pose a political problem, because it would basically imply that China opens its doors to the West and, at the same time, recognizes its responsibility in the origin of COVID-19. And according to Peter Hotez, without “full access” to the Hubei region of China, it will be difficult to discover how the coronavirus became a global pandemic.

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