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COVID-19: Israel prepares to lift all restrictions

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On April 18, and in a move that caused an international stir, Israeli authorities suspended the requirement to wear a mask in public.

This action was part of an attempt by the government of that country to gradually reduce the health measures adopted by the pandemic. of the coronavirus.

Now they are preparing for a more important step. On June 1, and with 60 percent of the population vaccinated, the Middle Eastern state is getting ready to lift all restrictions.

At the beginning of January, the country experienced its worst moment of the pandemic, when almost 60 thousand positive cases were detected. This figure was drastically reduced last week, when the same number barely reached 222 cases in total.

After the obligation to use the mask was canceled, the Israeli government promised to “return to normal” if there was no significant resurgence in the following weeks.

Now the inhabitants have left the rigorous confinement and have returned to outdoor activities, motivated, particularly, by the good weather in the territory.

This has generated a feeling of confidence among people, for the same reason, vaccinations have stopped and have reached 60 percent; Basically, people have stopped going to get vaccinated.

The entire world has its eyes on what is happening in Israel, especially after the announcement to lift all health restrictions. Will it be advisable to do so when the vaccination rate only reaches 60 percent?

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