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COVID 2.0?: An outbreak of bird flu is discovered in 46 countries

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It is likely that in recent times we have believed that COVID-19 is the only health threat that humanity must face. Apparently, we were wrong.

In 2020, scientists discovered an outbreak of H5N8, a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus subtype, in bird populations in several countries.

Now, in an article published in Science, researchers show their concern as they suspect that the bird flu outbreak may be present in 46 countries and may have jumped to humans.

The paper also claims that seven poultry farm workers in Russia fell ill while trying to contain an outbreak.

“The affected geographic regions have continually expanded, and at least 46 countries have reported outbreaks of highly pathogenic AIV H5N8,” the scientists note.

The animals most vulnerable to H5N8 are different types of birds, such as chickens, farmed ducks, as well as wild and migratory birds. Human cases of the virus have also been detected recently.

“To date, there have been a total of 862 laboratory-confirmed human cases of H5N1 infection reported to the World Health Organization (WHO), including 455 deaths,” the report states.

“These cases were from 17 countries, with 76 percent from Egypt and Indonesia. “In one subtype of H5N8, a propensity for rapid global spread in migratory birds has been clearly shown.”

The research also concludes that this virus evolves rapidly and constantly and would be capable of genetically reorganizing itself into other subtypes.

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