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These are the 9 measures approved by the SEP for the return to school

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Mandatory face masks and days of attendance by last name are some measures for the new normality in schools in the face of Covid-19

In order to protect students and teachers from contracting Covid-19 in schools, the SEP will implement the return to school protocol in the new normal “I take care of the other” so that the facilities of each school are adequate. The protocol It consists of 9 points called interventions.

Although kisses and snuggles should be avoided, The goal is for children not to be afraid of others, “That they do not see them as a potential threat, but that we have to take care of others to take care of ourselves,” said the then Secretary of Education, Esteban Moctezuma.

First Intervention

Participatory school health committees:

  • There will be an interaction between schools and local health centers
  • Sanitation and cleaning days
  • There will 3 filters of co-responsibility: home, school and classroom.

At this point, parents must send a declaration where it is ensured that there is no one sick with Covid-19 in the family.

In addition, the committee must establish permanent hygiene measures and there will be a formal training by the Ssa.

Likewise, children will have to be educated to cover themselves when sneezing and to greet each other with the heart greeting and to walk in one direction inside the schools through the signs.

Second Intervention

Ensure access to soap and water, or antibacterial gel

Third Intervention

Care of teachers in risk groups

Fourth Intervention

Mandatory use of face masks or scarves

Fifth Intervention

Maintain a Healthy Distance in:

  • Inputs and outputs
  • staggered breaks
  • Fixed places assigned
  • Alternate school attendance by last name during the remedial course

The secretariat's proposal is that Monday and Wednesday will go from A to N, and Tuesday and Thursday from N to Z. And on Friday, the 50% with the greatest lag will be those who will attend this in-person course.

Sixth Intervention

Maximize the use of open spaces

Seventh Intervention

Suspension of any type of ceremonies and meetings

Eighth Intervention

Early detection. With a sick person the school is closed.

Ninth Intervention

Social-emotional support for teachers and students

The agency reiterated that We will return to face-to-face classes only until the epidemiological traffic light for the coronavirus turns green., with the purpose that there are no infections between students and teachers.

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