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This is the documentary censored on social networks that reported that the coronavirus had leaked from a Wuhan laboratory

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“The Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus” was an investigation into synthetic viruses created in the city where the COVID-19 outbreak began, the unlikelihood of SARS-CoV-2 being of natural origin, and Beijing's censorship. The video was blocked on different platforms

On April 12, 2020, Infobae reproduced a note about the journalistic documentary that questioned the official story of the Chinese regime about the origin of the coronavirus and that was censored by different digital platforms. Until that date, the coronavirus pandemic had not caused the current tragedy, although it was heading in that direction. However, various social media referees questioned the versions about a non-natural origin of the virus and decided to sanction those media that had decided to give their public an alternative to Beijing's message.

Yesterday, one of the most important social networks announced that it would now give space to journalistic works that spoke about the possible human leak of the virus to the rest of the population based on an accident - or not - at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It was after President Joe Biden announced that he had commissioned his intelligence agencies to report on the origins of COVID-19.

Below is the full text of that note:

According to a new documentary that investigated the origin of the new coronavirus, which as of April 11 had caused almost 1.800.000 cases of COVID-19 in the world, with almost 110.000 deaths, it is unlikely that the cause of the pandemic that has stopped the planet is in the Wuhan animal market, as the Chinese Government has insisted on presenting. In the work, which can be seen in full on the YouTube channel Crossroads, of The Epoch Times newspaper, journalist Joshua Philipp traced an alternative path that leads to the level 4 biosafety laboratory of the Institute of Virology of that city, where, as an aggravating factor, SARS-CoV-2 could have been a design or recombination of fragments of different viruses to facilitate their entry into humans, part of the study carried out by scientist Shi Zhengli.

According to Philipp – who “writes about subversion, unrestricted war and China's overt espionage”, according to his Twitter profile – before it left the market – where bats, the alleged first carrier of the coronavirus, are not sold – The virus should have entered there, since there is scientific evidence, since the beginning of the infections, that there were cases that are not linked to that place, in addition to different manifestations of Beijing's attempt to control the narrative of the trajectory of COVID -19.

According to Joshua Philipp, it is unlikely that the cause of the pandemic that has stopped the planet is found in the Wuhan animal market, as the Chinese Government has insisted on presenting (China Daily via Reuters)
As part of an investigation for the multilingual newspaper founded by John Tang and other Chinese American citizens linked to the Falun Gong spiritual movement and blocked in mainland China, Philipp began by tracing the first official communication, a document from the December 30, 2019 from the National Health Commission, which spoke of “successive occurrences of cases of pneumonia of unknown origin” and requested health centers to report similar cases. The next day, the Huanan Market in Wuhan, which was closed on January 1, 2020, was mentioned, while another government document spoke of “obvious evidence of transmission between humans.”

After the disinfection of the place, something that in The Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus Philipp compared to “the destruction of the crime scene”, the Institute of Virology of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC) announced: “33 of the 585 environmental samples from Huahan Market revealed nucleic acid contents of the new coronavirus, and the virus was successfully isolated, suggesting that the virus originated from wild animals sold in the market.”

That amounted to the official conclusion of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): the virus began in a center selling wildlife for human consumption.

Days later, a Science article challenged that hypothesis: “The Wuhan animal market may not have been the source of the new coronavirus that is spreading globally.” The text cited a study published in The Lancet, which analyzed 41 cases of COVID-19 treated at the Jin Yin-tan hospital, the first in the city dedicated to this disease. Sean Lin, former director of the virus branch at the Walter Reed Military Institute of Research (WRAIR), interpreted the work for the Crossroads documentary: “It has important information, such as the onset of symptoms in the first patient was on January 1. December and had no relationship with the Huanan Market.”

The expert told Philipp: “The main finding is that 41 patients were counted in this study, and 14 of them turned out to be unrelated to the animal market, which represents more than a third. And no one sells bats at the animal market, too.” The study was signed, as lead author, by the vice director of Jin Yin-tan Hospital, Chaolin Huang.

Other subsequent studies carried out on more patients confirmed the same, such as one on 99 cases, “of which 50 did not have a history of exposure to the animal market” – the journalist summarized – or the analysis by Daniel Lucey, an epidemiologist at the University from Georgetown, who considered that “if the data were accurate, the first case of infection with the virus would be from November 2019, given the incubation period; That is, the virus would have had to reach the market before it left.”

However, “the criteria issued by the hospital [where that first check was carried out] to determine if a patient had the new coronavirus were: 1) a history of contact with the Huanan market; 2) fever; 3) complete genome sequence.”

Gordon Chang, an expert at Asian Affairs, assessed, regarding the general context: “The figures we receive from China on new infections and deaths are, simply, very suspicious.” He added: “We know that Beijing suppressed information about the epidemic for six weeks in December and January and then, when they officially acknowledged it, on January 21, they began an information suppression campaign.”

Based on a study by The Lancet, Science immediately challenged the version of the Chinese authorities: “The Wuhan animal market may not have been the source of the new coronavirus that is spreading globally.”
Brigadier General Robert Spalding, former director of strategy at the US National Security Council (NSC) and researcher at the Hudson Institute, added that in 2003 he was in China when the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak occurred. ), and that the current response, in perspective with what he experienced then, “is exactly the same.”

After finishing the first part of the documentary, “The story of the Wuhan market”, the second, “The mysterious genetic sequence”, analyzed scientific details that would indicate that the virus was not naturally transmitted from one species to another nor of spontaneous origin, but synthetic. On January 11, Zhang Yong Zhen, from the Shanghai Clinical Center for Public Health, Fudan University, published an analysis in Nature in which he noted that the cause of Wuhan atypical pneumonia “is closely linked to the two viruses ( CoVZC45 and CoVZXC21). The documentary added that these viruses were found in bats in Zhoushan as part of an investigation by the Chinese military in 2018.

Zhang's team had actually isolated and identified the complete genome sequence on January 5, and reported it to authorities. Only in the face of government silence did he publish it on January 11 in Nature. Zhang's laboratory was closed shortly after.

By then, numerous international researchers had used the BLAST platform, from the National Institute of Health (NIH) of the United States, and confirmed these findings: the virus had 88% similarity with those bat strains, while it showed 79% with SARS and around 50% with the cause of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). It was also found that the spike protein of the new coronavirus, which allows it to enter the human body, showed the peculiarity of being the same as that of SARS.

The genetic sequence of SARS-CoV-2 revealed that it had characteristics of bat coronaviruses that are not passed to humans and of SARS, which caused a global epidemic in 2003, such as its spikes, which allow it to infect cells (NIH / via Reuters)
“It is difficult to see a protein that is 100% identical when a virus passes from one species to another,” Lin interpreted the finding in Crossroads. “That may suggest that perhaps the virus was generated by a reverse engineering process.” Judy A. Mikovits, molecular biologist and former director of the Antiviral Mechanisms Laboratory of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) of the United States, agreed with him, adding: “It is not possible that it is a natural mutation. “It is almost certainly a laboratory recombination event.”

Then, according to The Epoch Times' investigation, SARS-CoV-2 showed, on the one hand, enormous similarity to two bat coronaviruses that had not been passed to humans, CoVZC45 and CoVZXC21, and, on the other hand, to the SARS, which caused an epidemic in humans.

The Health Committee of Hubei province, of which Wuhan is the capital, ordered: “Current virus samples must be destroyed. The publication of information about samples, studies and associated data is prohibited.” Following a Notification Letter No. 3 from national health authorities, “the previously active Chinese scientific community became mysteriously silent,” Philipp said.

The third part of the documentary, “The Discoveries of Dr. Shi Zhengli,” posits the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 is a laboratory product that, by mistake, escaped from its containment environment. Shi has been researching bats and coronaviruses for years, and is the person who found how they pass from other species—including bats—to humans. Since 2015 she has been working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the area of ​​synthetic viruses and her laboratory has the resources to manipulate these microorganisms, according to Philipp.

Shi Zhengli was China's leading expert on the cross-species passage of coronaviruses and was researching the synthetic generation of infectious microorganisms. (Screenshot from Crossroads by Joshua Philipps/The Epoch Times)
After analyzing several of Shi's studies, carried out between the 2003 SARS epidemic and the present, he focused on one from November 2015, published in Nature together with the research team of the leading coronavirus expert in the United States, Ralph Baric, of the University of North Carolina (UNC), “in which the synthetic creation of a virus capable of self-reproduction was discussed, which had SARS-CoV as its structure, with the spike protein replaced by one found in a bat coronavirus” , summarized the journalist, which gave it a great capacity for infection between species.

The isolation of three bat viruses, “one of which had a spike protein that interacted with human ACE [angiotensin-converting enzyme] receptors,” caused controversy among scientists. Simon Wain-Hobson of France's Pasteur Institute warned in Nature: "If the new virus were to leak, no one would be able to predict its trajectory."

According to Mikovits, Shi's research “strongly proves or supports the hypothesis that it is not possible that [the coronavirus that causes COVID-19] was generated in a natural zoonotic transmission, but rather that it had to come from a hospital environment, from laboratory, almost certainly the biosafety level 4 research facility in Wuhan.”

In 2018 Shi gave a lecture on bat coronaviruses and interspecies infections at Shanghai Jiao Tong University; However, “the records were deleted from the website” of the institution, Philipp found when searching for them. He wanted to analyze another striking element, which, after the Wuhan outbreak, a group of researchers from India found in SARS-CoV-2.

Scientists published a preliminary study on the spike protein of the new coronavirus and found “four inserted sequences that were not in the original SARS, but came from the human immunodeficiency virus, HIV. “Shi discredited them,” the documentary continues. But he did not offer an official denial of the claim that the microorganism that causes COVID-19 appears to have fragments of material that lives in bats and fragments of material that lives in humans.

“They are working on developing a coronavirus for human hosts, which begs the question of why someone would create a coronavirus that can infect humans,” Spalding said. “What would be the purpose of that investigation? Is it for a gun? Is it to then sell a vaccine of which we will be the only beneficiaries?”

The penultimate part of the documentary, “The secret of the Wuhan P4 laboratory”, analyzes that after the isolation of Wuhan on January 23, Shi published an article in Nature that pointed to a natural source of the coronavirus, bats, in line with the version of the Chinese authorities about the market where wild animals were sold for gastronomy.

“At the same time the authorities restricted access to all virus deaths, preventing international experts from joining the investigation, and used national television to slander doctors, as [was the case with] Li Wenliang, who revealed the outbreak, for slandering rumors,” Philipp recalled the doctor who died from COVID-19. And unlike other virus containment episodes in recent years, the Wuhan Institute of Virology was not involved in the efforts.

The journalist highlighted that while several scientists “denounced, under their real names, that the [poor] danger control of Shi Zhengli's laboratory could have caused the Wuhan virus to leak,” the main expert on biochemical weapons of the Chinese army, Chen Wei assumed control of the P4 laboratory. There were also rumors that a researcher at the institute had been patient zero and had died, and President Xi Jinping promoted a biosafety law, the documentary associated.

Something striking also happened in those days, noted The Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus: the Institute of Virology preemptively requested a patent for the use of remdesivir in COVID-19. One of its directors, the son of an important CCP member, Jian Zemin, has private interests in a pharmaceutical company, headed by another son of the communist elite.

It was precisely during Jian's years in power that two Chinese soldiers published a report titled “Unrestricted Warfare,” where they discussed “strategies so that a nation less strong than another can combat it in the context of modern war,” Philipp summarized. . He quoted one of the authors, Qiao Liang: “After the first Taiwan Strait crisis we understood that if there was direct combat between the armed forces of China and the United States, we would be at a disadvantage. Consequently, we needed a new strategy to help our military shift the balance of power.”

That would be war without restriction, the documentary detailed: “It could be associated with the military, including guerrillas, terrorism and biochemical warfare, or it could not be military, such as drug trafficking, poisoning, environmental destruction and dissemination of computer viruses.”

In its final installment, “Confronting the Pandemic,” Philipp’s work analyzed that “the propaganda push, which has escalated in recent weeks, aims primarily to deflect blame for the Chinese regime’s botched handling of the Wuhan virus.” , sow international disagreement and present the image that the regime has contained the outbreak.” The same Chinese scientists who revealed information or made allegations refused interview requests from The Epoch Times, which is described in the film as “a giant CCP censorship net cast over the world's virologists.”

In the face of evidence that “the CCP violated international health regulations, the United States and the international community must come to their senses and take action,” The Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus concluded. “Every time [the coronavirus] comes back—because it's going to come back, because it's going to be with us permanently now, and it's going to come back—every person it kills, every person it harms, will be directly attributable to the CCP,” he said. the closure of Spalding, after remembering that since March different nations have begun legal actions and in international organizations to demand that China pay compensation for the multimillion-dollar damage caused to economies by COVID-19.

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