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These are the municipalities of the State of Mexico that have already started vaccination against coronavirus.

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El vaccination process for older adults against Covid-19 has already begun in more than 25 states of the Republic. More than two million cases of coronavirus-19 have been reported in Mexico and more than 175 thousand deaths until today, February 16. One of the most affected states is the State of Mexico, That with less than 200 thousand confirmed cases, Mexico City has the most registered deaths and is the state with the highest number of registered deaths.

Dr. Gabriel O'Shea Cuevas, secretary of health of the State of Mexico, pointed out that 102 doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine will be applied starting February 760. It will be the first stage of vaccination in 24 municipalities of Edomex. Likewise, I point out that older adults will still be able to register at to accelerate the vaccination process.

The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine consists of two vaccines, The first application will be from February 15 to 19 and for the second it will be notified on the vaccination portal of the Ministry of Health or they will contact the vaccinated people, the time is 8 to 12 weeks after having received their first doses, that is, starting next April 12.

These are the 24 municipalities where adults over 60 years of age may be eligible for the vaccine:

  1. Amanalco
  2. Almoloya of Alquisiras
  3. Atlautla
  4. Atlacomulco
  5. Acambay
  6. aculco
  7. Axapusco
  8. Apaxco
  9. Speck veneer
  10. Flour Coatepec
  11. Donato War
  12. Ecatzingo
  13. Hueypoxtla
  14. Gold Ixtapan
  15. Gold
  16. Topicscalapa
  17. Topicscalcingo
  18. Temoaya
  19. ocuilan
  20. Otzoloapan
  21. Download
  22. Texcalyacac
  23. San Felipe del Progreso
  24. Saint Thomas of the Bananas

How to register to request the Covid-19 vaccine?

For vaccine registration for people over 60 years of age enter the official site of the federal government, you need to have your CURP on hand and follow the steps indicated. Once the person is registered, they will be notified on the portal of the date they have to go and where to go to get vaccinated against Covid-19.


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