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The importance of security equipment in companies

The importance of security equipment in companies » ProSalud
La importancia del equipo de seguridad en las empresas o equipo de protección personal (EPP) sirven para cuidar de nuestros colaboradores y poderles ayudar a realizar su trabajo sin algún tipo de riesgo.
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What are PPE?

PPE or personal protective equipment is any device that helps care for and preserve the integrity of your collaborator when carrying out their activities.

El equipo de protección en el trabajo incluye gafas de seguridad y protectores faciales y debe usarse para tareas que puedan causar daño ocular o pérdida de la visión, aerosoles de líquidos tóxicos. Además evita algún tipo de salpicaduras y quemaduras.

Los elementos de protección se categorizan dependiendo de la parte o zona del cuerpo que se desea proteger, por ejemplo:

  • Head: Head Guards y capucha o pasamontañas;
  • Ojos y rostro: glasses, viseras y máscara de soldadura;
  • Hearing: hearing protectors, earplugs and mufflers;
  • Respiratory: masks, filters and respirators;
  • Body: aprons and bulletproof vests;
  • Superiors: gloves, brazaletes, mangueras y crema protectora contra agentes químicos;
  • Lower limbs: footwear (boots and sneakers, for example), socks, leggings and pants;
  • Full body: coveralls and other types of clothing that cover the entire body;
  • Falls: seat belt.

¿Quién debe de utilizar los Equipos de Protección Personal?

All personnel, visitors who are going to enter an area where there is some risk, in this way we avoid an accident or situation that endangers the integrity of people.

Just as it is important that companies provide the necessary tools, it is also important that collaborators do their part and comply with putting on all the equipment, in this way they take care of each other.

Every job needs to use PPE. Here are some examples of jobs in which we can see some personal protective equipment on their uniform.

Electrician, mechanic, locksmith, welder, carpenter, nurse, butcher,
gardener, doctor etc.

What to do after taking off your protective equipment?

Continuously clean, wash and disinfect PPE. Keep hearing protectors hygienically clean to avoid infections and store safety glasses in places where they cannot break. It is also important to add that the lifespan of PPE is advisable to change within 2 to 3 years; However, this depends on the use given to them and the way the equipment is cared for. The deterioration of equipment if it is not cared for and used correctly can be faster or slower.

That said, it is important to have good communication with collaborators to be aware of any mishandling of equipment or simply to be alert for any equipment that is in poor condition.

Beneficios del equipo de protección personal

Reduction of accidents, improves the image of the company and provides better protection.

In this way you ensure better efficiency when carrying out your work and take care of the integrity of your collaborator.

To have better performance, it is important that everyone participates and helps comply with all PPE in order to create a culture about personal protective equipment. Let us remember that company employees are the driving force of any company, which is why in addition to helping them perform better in their work life, it is a legal requirement to give them all the necessary equipment that covers and cares for their integrity.

The importance of security equipment in companies » ProSalud

¿Es importante contar con equipo de protección personal en las empresas?

The answer is yes, however one of the main reasons why companies do not make this investment is because the prices of the equipment often become expensive and therefore become unprofitable. However, today there are many options to be able to have the necessary equipment without breaking the bank.

En Pro Salud contamos con lo ultimo en safety equipment y contamos con atención personalizada ¡Cotiza ahora mismo tu equipo de seguridad con nosotros! The importance of security equipment in companies
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