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The myths behind miracle diets | 2024

The myths behind miracle diets » ProSalud
The myths behind miracle diets: Currently it is very easy to find alternatives that ensure you lose an exaggerated amount of weight in a very short time, but do you really know the risks that these can bring to your health and most importantly, do they work?
The myths behind miracle diets » ProSalud

Looking for immediate changes and even faster results, it seems that health comes in second place and the wonderful ideas that we read in magazines, neighbors or celebrities are the only solution to lose weight.

If you go on a restrictive diet without certain food groups, starve yourself, and generally increase your consumption of foods that promise to do wonders for you, you tend to lose weight, yes, but generally the weight is body water and muscle mass, because the body. they still need the same nutrients for their vital functions.

In short, if we just look at the number on the scale, you have lost weight, but you are more dehydrated and have less muscle, not less fat.

But that doesn't just mean that these types of miracle diets don't work due to many other characteristics, such as:

Most of them are very low in calories. It is not comfortable for our metabolism to have less energy than necessary to perform basic functions. It happens that in order to survive, the metabolism slows down, which causes the famous rebound phenomenon and makes it difficult to lose weight.

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When you eat less, your body responds by increasing the appetite hormone and decreasing the satiety hormone, which means more willpower to stick to your diet and control your portions. Certain foods or food groups are prohibited. Restricting food means loving it and eating it. Immediately after that, an error is thrown and the limit is searched again, which usually creates a loop. They don't focus on habit formation or commitment.

There is no customization and it does not adapt to habits. You are adapting to the diet, not yourself, so it is not sustainable in the long term. This causes changes in hormonal levels, cortisol and thyroid are triggered, changes in estrogen and progesterone, serotonin and dopamine among others.

So it is normal to be more irritable, tired, have mood swings, react badly to exercise...

During restriction, genes that promote fat storage are activated and genes associated with fat burning are decreased, which inadvertently has the opposite effect. For these reasons, instead of returning to these fad miracle diets again and again, we recommend that you find a solid strategy to achieve your long-term goals: make health a priority.

It is also important to say that diets are accompanied by exercises and in many of them Supplements which help to have a better result.

In addition to the options mentioned above, here at Prosalud you can find a wide variety of supplements and vitamins to complement your diets and ensure you get all the nutrients you need to lead a healthy life.

From multivitamins to specific supplements for hair, skin and nails, you will find everything you need to improve your well-being and take care of your body in a comprehensive way. Don't hesitate to place your order and start enjoying the benefits of a complete and balanced diet.

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