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William Shakespeare, the first man vaccinated against coronavirus, dies at 81

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Shakespeare received the Pfizer vaccine in December at Coventry University Hospital.

William Shakespeare was the first male person to receive the covid-19 vaccine in December 2020. Today his death was announced at the age of 81 due to causes unrelated to the coronavirus, as confirmed by the Coventry councilor and a friend. of the famous playwright of the same name. Shakespeare received the Pfizer vaccine in December at Coventry University Hospital and a few days later Margaret Keenan, 91, the first female to be immunized with said vaccine, everything happened in England, as reported by The Sun newspaper. .

Fun facts about Shakespeare

Shakespeare shared more than just a name with the most important writer of the English language, and that is that both were originally from Warwickshire, a county in the heart of England. “Bill will be remembered for many things, including his love of mischief,” said Innes, who linked his death to the vaccination. Upon being vaccinated, Bill, as his friends called him, had appeared happy in front of the cameras that big day: “It could make a difference in our lives from now on. “It is the beginning to change our lives and our lifestyle,” he said the day he received the vaccine. At the time he pointed out that he had been locked up with his wife throughout the confinement for fear of becoming infected. The vaccination plan in England advances Since the immunization of Keenan and Shakespeare, Boris Johnson's Government has made good progress with the vaccination of its population and has been implementing post-confinement flexibilities for several weeks. However, in some cities where the Indian variant - more contagious - was detected, alerts are still maintained.

The British Government recommended that the population not travel, unless essential, to these areas of England. The recommendation, made by the Ministry of Health, affects the areas of Kirklees, Bedford, Burnley, Leicester, North Tyneside, as well as Bolton (near Manchester) and Hounslow (west of London).

The authorities, who increased vaccinations in these areas, asked the population to avoid gatherings in closed places to contain the spread of the Indian variant. Data in England According to the latest official data, 2.439 new infections of covid-19 were recorded in the United Kingdom and another three deaths, while more than 38 million people - 72,3% of the adult population - have already received the first dose of the vaccine, while more than 22 million received the second dose - 43,5% of the adult population.

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