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Neza reports “zero” COVID-19 infections for the first time in a year

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A great data, taking into account that Neza is one of the most populated municipalities in the State of Mexico and, with it, in all of Mexico.

In the report on the development of the pandemic on May 24, the Neza authorities stated that, for the first time in the more than 12 months that the COVID-19 pandemic has been going on, they had no record of any case of the disease caused by the SARS-CoV2 virus.

In the table that can be checked on the Facebook page of the municipality of Neza City, you can see that in the period corresponding to May 24, “zero” new cases of infections were reported. Unfortunately, one person lost their life due to the disease... but the figure is a huge drop compared to the numbers reported a few months ago.

“Since April 18, 2020, when we started this exercise, it is the first time that we have had 0 new cases registered,” the Neza authorities boast… perhaps a result of the great response that there was (and is) in the vaccination process .

Despite this hopeful news, the authorities of the Mexican municipality ask citizens not to stop following the precautionary measures implemented in recent months. Just like the rest of the State of Mexico, Neza is under a yellow traffic light, so, although there is more flexibility in health measures, it is still requested to maintain a healthy distance and the use of face masks.

Although it had its 24 hours with zero infections, that does not erase the more than 27 thousand accumulated positive cases, of which 3 have died. It is only behind Ecatepec, a municipality that has more than 333 thousand accumulated cases. Thus, so far in the pandemic, the city of “Hungry Coyote” has number two of COVID cases in the State of Mexico…. and that's how it has been throughout the year.

Apparently, what happened in Neza is a reflection of how the pandemic has moved throughout Mexico. In the report offered yesterday at the National Palace it was indicated that it has been 19 continuous weeks that Mexico shows a downward curve in the number of COVID-19 infections.

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