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NOM 017-STPS-2008 – Personal Protective Equipment, Use and Management in Workplaces

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The Official Mexican Standard NOM 017-STPS-2008 has the objective of establishing obligations regarding the selection, use and management of personal protective equipment (PPE) suitable for everyone in any workplace. 

What is Personal Protective Equipment?

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Personal protective equipment (PPE) is the set of elements and devices specifically designed to protect workers against accidents and illnesses that could be caused by agents or factors generated during their work activities and emergency response.

If the risk analysis establishes the need to use work clothing with protective characteristics, this will be considered PPE.

In any case, the EPP must meet the following conditions:

  • Reduce exposure to risk agents.
  • Be for personal use, depending on the type of work activity.
  • Be in accordance with the physical characteristics of the workers.
  • Follow the manufacturer's directions, instructions or procedures for use

Obligations of workers according to NOM 017-STPS-2008

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The NOM 017-STPS-2008 standard stipulates that the obligations of workers are:

  • Participate in the training that the employer provides for the use, review, replacement, cleaning, maintenance and final disposal of the PPE.
  • Use the PPE in accordance with the training received for this purpose.
  • Inform when the conditions of the PPE no longer protect it and, if necessary, request maintenance or replacement of it.
  • Review the conditions of personal protective equipment before, during and at the end of your work shift.

Anatomical Classification for Determination of the Type of Personal Protective Equipment

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Based on this evaluation and the type of risk, the personal protective equipment required for each job is selected. Therefore, the NOM 017-STPS-2008, personal protection equipment-selection, use and management of work centers aims to establish the minimum requirements for the selection, acquisition and disposal of PPE corresponding to personnel to protect them from agents in the work environment that may harm their physical integrity and health.

  1. Head

    Impact helmet.
    Dielectric helmet.
  2. eyes and face

    Face shield.
    Welder mask. 
    Welder glasses.
  3. Ears

    Acoustic shells. 
  4. Respiratory system

    Respirator against particles.
    Respirator against gases and vapors.
    Disposable mask.
    Self-contained breathing apparatus. 
  5. Superior limbs

    Gloves against chemicals.
    Dielectric gloves.
    Gloves against extreme temperatures.
  6. Trunk

    Apron against high temperatures. 
    Apron against chemical substances.
    Clothing against dangerous substances.
  7. Lower extremities

    Occupational footwear.
    Footwear against impacts.
    Conductive footwear.
    Dielectric footwear.
    Footwear against chemical substances.
    Waterproof boots.
  8. Others

    Protective equipment against falls from height.
    Fire brigade equipment.
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In conclusion, based on the parts of the body and the work risks faced, the appropriate personal protective equipment is determined for each employee.

What other standards exist for specifications of the type of personal protective equipment to be used?

  • Official Mexican Standard NOM-017-STPS-2008, Personal protective equipment. Selection, use and management in work centers.
  • Official Mexican Standard NOM-026-STPS-1998, Colors and safety and hygiene signs. Identification of risks due to fluids conducted in pipes.
  • Official Mexican Standard NOM-113-STPS-1994, Protective footwear.
  • Official Mexican Standard NOM-115-STPS-1994, Protective helmets. Specifications, test methods and classification.
  • Official Mexican Standard NOM-116-STPS-1994, Safety. Air purifying respirators against harmful particles.
  • Mexican Official Standard NOM-087-ECOL-SSA-2002, Infectious biological waste. Clasification and especifications of drive.
  • Mexican Official Standard NOM-052-SEMARNAT-2005, Which establishes the characteristics, the identification procedure, classification and lists of hazardous waste.
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