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New Scenario A in Querétaro. They say goodbye to the mask after 3 years.

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Last Tuesday, September 27, 2022, the Querétaro Government spoke out to say goodbye to the face mask and begin the new measures that come into effect with Scenario A in Querétaro.

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We tell you a little more about this new news.

The Covid-19 technical awareness committee announced this Tuesday, September 27, that after almost two and a half years of pandemic, Scenario A is once again present in Querétaro where in some of its measures it establishes that establishments can work at 100% capacity .

In addition, they spoke about the measures regarding the use of face masks where the decision was to withdraw this obligation and leave its use to individual consideration, however, it will be required in people with symptoms of acute respiratory conditions and in environments with reduced space, poorly ventilated or closed. According to the committee, the rule was made by analyzing the historical behavior of the virus, active cases, positivity and hospital occupancy.

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According to information from Querétaro Diary. The governor of Querétaro, Mauricio Kuri, reported that the decision in this regard corresponds to the Technical Health Committee, but that, to set the tone for normality as it was known until before the Covid-19 pandemic, emphasis must be placed on how Querétaro places in terms of the mobility of infections, and the percentage of vaccinated people, considering that it is not a political issue but merely a technical one.

Likewise, they invited establishments to take existing measures and maintain the use of CO2 meters, use of antibacterial gel and keep control with a registration log. This is to monitor air quality and minimize the risks that may arise.

In addition to this, the members of the committee urged to continue with the hygiene and protection habits that were generated in the context of the pandemic, such as hand washing, application of antibacterial gel and to be aware of symptoms of respiratory diseases and other risks. to health.

Likewise, to continue with Scenario A in Querétaro, the Querétaro government continues to monitor the behavior and evolution of the virus to act and be prepared against new waves or new epidemiological scenarios.

Here you can see the measurements of the Scenario A.

You can see the Official bulletin.

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