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They ask the Ministry of Health to create a Digital Certificate to prove vaccination

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The Permanent Commission of the Congress of the Union analyzes urging the Ministry of Health to issue a Single Digital Certificate, capable of printing or reading, through the QR code system on mobile devices for people who have been vaccinated by health institutions in the national territory, within the framework of the National Vaccination Campaign for Covid-19, in order to serve as an instrument to prove that you have the corresponding immunization for the purposes convenient to the interested persons.

Likewise, it would be urged Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE) so that through the diplomatic representations, with the multilateral organizations, in the matter, of which the Mexican State is a part, and with the States with which diplomatic relations are maintained, they recognize the Single Digital Certificate issued by United States of Mexico, regardless of the type or brand of vaccine used.

The proposal of senators of the Labor Party seeks to avoid cases of discrimination for Mexican tourists and travelers who, as Health authorities of Lower California, could be rejected United States in case of having been vaccinated with the formulas prepared in China y Russia.

They argue that until now, according to the National Vaccination Plan, People have obtained a printed form that is filled out by hand at the place where the vaccine is administered, which includes their basic data and that of the biological received.

It is completed with the date and information of the second dose; but it is a simple sheet without any security measures.

It should be noted that there are complaints from some people who have already been inoculated, who have pointed out the lack of some of the information related to the lot.

"Hence, some people who, for work or tourism reasons, have made plans to leave the country, due to the sanitary provisions established in various countries, they began to look for a certificate to travel abroad. They have even gone to the vaccination modules to ask about said document. People have told the media that no one has been able to give them a satisfactory answer,” they noted in the proposal.

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