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What are dietary supplements?

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They are products based on herbs, plant extracts, traditional foods, dehydrated or fruit concentrates, with or without added vitamins or minerals, that can be presented in pharmaceutical form* and whose purpose of use is to increase total dietary intake, complement it or supply any component, according to article 215, section V, of the General Health Law.

A food supplement provides nutrients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates or carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals.

* The accepted pharmaceutical forms are those that are ingested orally such as: capsule, emulsion, suspension, syrup, powder, solutions and tablets, among others contemplated in the Pharmacopeia of the United Mexican States. Shapes typical of other product categories such as: confectionery (candy, lollipops, chewing gum), patches, injectable solution, among others, are not permitted.


Its only function is to increase, complement or supply some of the components that we acquire through our diet, that is, from the foods and dishes we eat daily; Because some people do not obtain all the nutrients they need in their diet and therefore resort to food supplements to complement their diet.

It is not a product intended to treat, cure, prevent or relieve symptoms of any disease.

They are not used to lose weight, combat obesity or overweight.

They are not of use aphrodisiac.

It should be taken into account that products aimed at treating or curing a disease or illness are health supplies (medicines, remedies), which must be prescribed by a health professional, and require a health record issued by the Ministry of Health. Health that guarantees its safety, quality and effectiveness (art. 22 General Health Law).

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