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Querétaro moves to Scenario B due to rise in infections – 2021

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Querétaro.— “Because the Covid-19 phenomenon” is increasing rapidly, as of today, Friday, the state of Querétaro moves to Scenario B in terms of epidemiological modulation, announced Governor Francisco Domínguez Servién.
Querétaro goes to Scenario B due to the rise in infections

Through a message on social networks, he said that the Technical Health Committee for Covid-19 Care determined to move to Scenario B, whose measures will be in force as of August 13, with their publication in the official newspaper La Shadow of Arteaga, given the current reality and the sustained increase in the indicators of the disease in Querétaro, said the president.

It should be noted that in Querétaro the monitoring of the epidemic is not regulated by the color of traffic lights, as the Federation does, but rather the state authority does so through Scenarios.

Since last April 23, Querétaro was in Scenario A, although the Federation's indicators classified it as orange.

“We need you, I won't get tired of asking you. Your individual commitment will be our collective strength to give health personnel a break, to have the economy open, to return to classes, to be healthy and have a future,” said the governor.

He explained that the phenomenon is increasing rapidly in the entity, since in just 43 days the same levels that took more than six months to reach were recorded, from May 18 to November 27 of last year.

“If we compare the first eight days of July with the same period in August, we see that the group of young people between 20 and 29 years old went from 101 to 708 cases.”

For this reason, the state leader urged all citizens to reduce their chances of contagion, to exchange risk for safety and to move towards where it is worth being: health, life and family.

He announced that if the trends of the indicators cannot be modified, it will be necessary to make new adjustments and recalled that the state is in the period of social modulation, where it is measured, combined and tested to obtain margin and achieve balance between health, economy, as well as mental health.

“I will not rest until the last second of my administration and I will assume my responsibility to take care of you. In reciprocity, I ask that you also not rest in your desire to have a future ahead of you,” the governor concluded.

In the message, he did not mention what the changes are in capacity and hours in businesses and provision of services, although he reiterated that there will be adjustments if the trends cannot be modified.

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