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Querétaro could move to Scenario A of Covid-19

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There is a possibility of reaching scenario A of the Covid-19 pandemic, since the number of active cases was reduced; However, the change in mobility restrictions will depend on what the Technical Health Committee decides, which will meet this Thursday.

This Tuesday's Modulation Index highlighted that it was possible to drop below 250 active cases, one of the indicators on which the type of "scenario" that prevails in the state depends.

“We reached and passed the goal of 250 assets and this leads us to have before us the possibility of changing the scenario for next March 28, the date on which the next review by the Technical Health Committee was stipulated,” mentions the document.

The Index adds that there is a downward trend in the phenomenon, however, it is not definitive, since a possible increase in mobility—due to the proximity of the Easter holidays—could push the indicators up.

“We opened the week with less than 61 active cases to put us at 220 transmitters, just 30 below the set goal; Regarding hospitalization, the Sisver platform registers a decrease of 0.5 percentage points from 48.7% to 48.2%. while deaths are in the intermediate range of 20 to 30 deaths every 24 hours.”

The health authorities urged citizens to maintain health measures.

“We are learning to increase our mobility without it being reflected in an increase in assets (…) but we have Easter coming up and it may be necessary to protect this great goal achieved. “Do not unnecessarily increase your mobility during Holy Week and Easter.”

Technical Committee will define a new scenario. On the subject, Martina Pérez Rendón, director of Health Services, acknowledged that there is stability in the Covid-19 indicators, however, to define the scenario that will prevail during Holy Week, they must take into account the possible increase in the mobility of those dates.

“We are in a stable behavior, hospital occupancy in a stable behavior and with a certain downward trend; This is not a reason for confidence, on the contrary, for redoubling efforts, once the Committee meets, the decision will be made if we reach scenario A or stay in scenario B,” he warned.

The director said that they do not want to experience a phenomenon like that of December, January and part of February, where the end-of-year holidays caused a second wave, with more than 200 people dying.

“The determination will be notified once the pros and cons of moving to a different scenario have been analyzed in the Committee; "Right now we have a high positivity, there is also a significant number of daily positive cases."

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