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Industrial Safety in companies: Risks? | 2024

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En el mundo de las empresas la seguridad es primordial para el desempeño de los colaboradores en el funcionamiento correcto de sus actividades es por eso que hoy te traemos información sobre la Seguridad Industrial en las empresas ¿Cuáles son los riesgos?
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What is Industrial safety?

Safety at work It is a concept born socially in modern times, which evolves when techniques and technologies reach and are applied to advanced stages of industrial production.

Application security in the industrial sector It requires the joint use of several different disciplines that are responsible for minimizing industrial risks. It is based on the premise that all industrial and complex activities involve dangers associated with industrial techniques and processes that require adequate management to minimize them.

Regarding its etymological origin, on the one hand it comes from the Latin “securitas”, which we could define as “the quality of being safe, without worries”, and on the other hand, “industria”, which comes from the word “industry”. refers to “work”

Internal and external risks

Internal Risks: These are risks related to internal accidents typical of activities carried out manually or functionally by the employee.

External Risks: For example, risks associated with its development environment, significant environmental impacts caused by industry, and destruction of natural resources can have effects that harm populations or entire regions.

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Internal Factors

To manage and minimize internal work accidents and medical monitoring of the worker, the implementation of the required technical measures, it is necessary to protect the worker (with appropriate clothing, elements and tools, which must be certified by the state unit responsible for safety at work ).

It is also important to provide workers with the necessary information through training so that they can perform tasks in such a way that they can avoid accidents, hazards or illnesses in their work, employee training is a key factor that has the potential to significantly reduce professional work.

External factors

Companies and industries must comply with national or provincial legislation that defines the procedures and techniques that can be applied to reduce environmental impact.

The government can carry out environmental monitoring, reliable studies on the environmental effects of industrial activities in industrial belts.

An industry or company should not assume that external occupational safety is only the responsibility of the state, the frequent use of statistics allows precautions to be taken by highlighting warnings in places where accidents are common.

Here we leave you some tips about industrial safety in companies.

1. Perform risk assessments: Identify potential dangers in your facilities and establish preventive measures to reduce risks.

2. Provides training and training: It should be an integral part of the industrial safety plan to ensure that all employees are aware of workplace risks and how to prevent them.

3. Implement good practices: Keep your facilities in the best possible condition, establish safe work procedures and ensure they are followed at all times.

4. Use personal protective equipment: Workers must use appropriate personal protective equipment at all times.

5. Maintain an effective communication system: Workers must be informed and aware of the company's security policies and updates.

6. Carry out regular inspections: Make sure your equipment and machinery are in good condition and safe.

7. Have an emergency plan: Prepare a detailed emergency plan for each possible scenario to minimize risks.

8. Conduct security audits: A security audit is a great way to evaluate compliance with security standards and present a list of useful recommendations.

9. Promote a safety culture: Make safety a priority in your company, and foster a safety culture in all employees.

10. Update security policies: Regularly review and update security policies and procedures to ensure they are up to date and effective.

Como se puede ver la seguridad industrial en las empresas se compone por varias cosas las cuáles es importante identificar para que de esta manera podamos llevar a cabo un mejor funcionamiento de nuestras actividades. También es necesario tener un buen equipo de seguridad que te proteja es por eso que en Pro health We have top quality equipment.

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