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Types of hospital beds. Which is the best and why?

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Choosing a mattress and bed for a person with a partial or permanent disability can have an impact on their well-being and rest. That is why today we bring you the Types of hospital beds. Which is the best and why?
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As the name suggests, these are fixed spring beds and the headboard or footboard cannot be raised because they do not have joints.

They are wooden or metal structures and have railings on one or both sides. Some models have built-in wheels, but most are fairly simple beds, so comfort is not a concern for either the patient or the caregiver.


Adjustable beds have a mattress with several movable joints, so every part of the patient's body can move. They are mainly used for patient rest, since their mobility allows them to change position and easily adapt to the characteristics of each patient.

Adjustable beds include electric adjustable beds powered by an electrical system and manual adjustable beds.

Articuladas Eléctricas

The bed is very comfortable and the movements of each part of the body are controlled by a controller. This helps patients become more self-reliant and self-reliant.

Among the latests Moravia's compositions camas eléctricas, también hay camas para pacientes bariátricos. Son camas especialmente diseñadas para pacientes con sobrepeso. Dependiendo del modelo, una persona puede llevar hasta 120 kg. La cama eléctrica también se puede convertir en una cama elevadora. Puedes subirlo tan alto como quieras. En definitiva, una cama que facilita entrar y salir. Vaya al baño o dúchese cada vez que necesite mover al paciente. Puedes hacerlo sin demasiado esfuerzo físico.

Types of hospital beds. Which is the best and why? » ProSalud

Manual articulated

This type of bed allows patients to sit upright and stretch their legs. They are a little more comfortable than rigid models since they are flexible and allow more freedom of movement.

Manual beds are suitable for users with more freedom of movement. Otherwise, electric models are more comfortable.


These hospital beds are ideal for people with burns or skin blisters due to injuries to large parts of the body. These people should not come into contact with objects, since rubbing the skin can cause great discomfort to the patient.

Suspended beds allow the patient to remain elevated above the bed and not come into contact with anything. Hence the name. This flotation is achieved by using warm air to keep the patient elevated from the bed.

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